Why is my iPhone stuck on the Apple Logo? How to Fix!

iPhone may rarely get stuck on Apple logo when you update the software. Usually, it takes place followed by a crash or software update and it is quite simple as Apple logo starts showing against black display and you can see the same on iPhone. In that case, Apple logo sticks on screen and rest of the features are unusable and inaccessible.

Why iPhone must be stuck on Apple Logo?

iPhone stuck on the Apple Logo

Usually, when an iPhone is stuck on Apple logo, it means something went wrong with iOS software or hardware. Well, there are different reasons behind and you might see that this issue appears on iPhone because –

  • There is a software update problem in your iPhone and it is the most widespread concern.
  • Something went wrong with device hardware
  • iPhone is jailbroken and there is an issue with either tweak, jailbreak, or app installed using Cydia. It is a common problem with jailbroken iPhone devices.
  • Your device was running iOS beta version which is no longer working well or has suffered a conflict.

In this post, we are about to consider various troubleshooting steps and tips to fix iPhone in case it is stuck on Apple logo. Here are the steps to fix iPhone which is stuck on Apple logo.

Try and Update iPhone using Recovery Mode

First of all, you should try and update iOS using Recovery Mode. The best part of this method is that it tries to reinstall iOS without having to modify the data on your device. In this approach, you can resolve the problem if it is associated with iOS software update. It is not for problems related with jailbreak or hardware problems. You will need a PC with latest iTunes version and a USB cable to finish update via recovery mode.

1. Launch iTunes on your system and connect your device via USB.

2. Put iPhone to Recovery Mode using these steps –

  • If you have iPhone 7 or latest model, hold the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously and keep holding them until it shows up alert message with iTunes notifying it has detected iPhone in recovery mode.
  • For older models, press and hold Home and Power button at the same time and keep holding them until it shows alert message on iTunes saying “iPhone has been detected in recovery mode”.

Choose ‘Update’ on iTunes screen.

It will try and update iOS on your device. If it is failed, you may want to process once more and simply choose “Restore”. But it will remove iPhone and restore it from backup by doing so.

Reboot the iPhone Forcefully

Sometimes, just forcing reboot on the iPhone will remove the problem of stuck Apple logo. In case you have iPhone 7 or latest model, hold down the Power and Volume Down button to reboot it. If it is older model, you may hold down Power and Home button to force reboot it.

Restore with DFU

Another method is using DFU mode to recover iPhone. In this approach, iPhone will remove all the data on iPhone so you need to do it after backing up the device.

Default Firmware Update or DFU update is an intense type of restore. One thing makes it stand out from the regular recovery and restore mode is that it reloads the firmware of your iPhone, along with the software itself. A firmware is a program which controls the functioning of hardware on your iPhone. You won’t find any instruction on Apple’s website about DFU restore.

If jailbreak went worst and you cannot fix it by removing Cydia app or tweak, you can restore it through DFU mode. Keep in mind that it will clear the whole iPhone device.

Is iPhone still stuck on Apple Logo? Has nothing worked?

If you have restored iPhone using Recovery mode, restarted it forcefully, and ran DFU restore mode, and it is still stuck on Apple logo and not working at all, there must be a hardware conflict or some deeper issue. Here, the best thing you can do is to consult with the official Apple support and they will guide you with the solution which may help you repair your Apple device.