Why Is My Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Here’s the Fix!

So you are doing an important work on your laptop and suddenly a key stops working or a whole section stops on your keyboard. Even worse, the keyboard cuts completely out. Though it can be a stressful situation, especially when you have to do a lot of work, there are few basic fixes you may try yourself and get back to the job.


A simple restart can correct thousands of errors. If the mouse or trackpad is not responding to restart the PC, simply hold the power button down for 10 to 15 seconds to turn it off. If it doesn’t fix the trouble, try other solutions as follows.

Check the Battery

Simply turn off the laptop. Remove the battery for a minute or so, replace the battery and boot it up and see if it solves the problem.

Look for Crumbs

Give a good shake to your laptop by holding at 45- to 75-degree angle on horizontal or upside down. Sometimes crumbs from your last snack break or lunches may get stuck around the keys. It is more serious in older laptops. But you should still try this on new one.

Laptop Keyboard Not Working

If you have a can of compressed air or keyboard vacuum, give a quick cleaning around the nooks and corners of the keyboard. If soda spillage has stuck one or two keys, you may clean those key buttons with a rag soaked in a few drops of cleaner like warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol.

Be sure to apply the liquid to the cloth first instead on the keyboard directly. Pop off the stubborn key from the keyboard and clean as much dried spillage from the switch as possible. You may use a cotton swab. Be careful and avoid disassembling the key unless you are careful enough. In case the whole section of keyboard is stuck due to liquid damage, such as spilled cup of coffee or soda, the best option may be to replace the keyboard assembly.

Run Antivirus Scan

There are chances that your keyboard is also attacked by virus or malware. Simply run a virus scan using the best antivirus.

Try USB Keyboard

If all of these steps fail, and you have to prepare a Word document or term paper, then plug in the USB keyboard to the laptop. Well, it doesn’t seem good but it will help you finish all your work so you can troubleshoot the problem in your laptop keyboard later on.

Driver Issues

This problem arises if you install third-party software often and you turn off the machine all the time without using the command to Shut Down. Go to the Device Manager on the laptop. If your keyboard line has yellow exclamation next to it or if the icon doesn’t show up, simply go to the download page of the laptop brand and install the latest keyboard drivers. You may want to hook up the keyboard to go to the text entry fields but it must be quick fix and download to find the right file.

Send it to Service Center

If you have extended warranty or you are running under warranty period, give a try to the tech support of your laptop brand. If they detect a defective keyboard, you need to replace it at their service center. Before you give it to a tech or send your laptop to the service center, it is always wise to remove your hard drive completely and backup your data. This way, you will still have a data, i.e. the most vital part of the laptop. It will fix most of the laptop keyboard issues.