Why is My RealMe 1 Phone Not Charging? How to fix it?

The RealMe 1 from the brand Oppo is one of the best Smartphones available on the market today in terms of features and quality. The phone was announced in the year 2018 in May and has been in demand ever since.

Key features of Oppo RealMe 1

  • Screen size – 6-Inches
  • Screen to body ration – 18:9
  • OS version – Android 8.1 Oreo
  • RAM & ROM – 3 variants
  1. 128 GB ROM, 6 GB RAM
  2. 64 GB ROM, 4 GB RAM
  3. 32 GB ROM, 3 GB RAM
  • Camera – primary camera 13MP

Secondary camera – 8MP

  • Battery capacity – 3410 mAh, Non-removable Li-Ion

It was in by late June that few of the customers reported that their RealMe 1 devices were not charging even if the device was plugged into the power supply socket for a long time. However, the problem was not consistent and just following a few methods could solve the issue. Nevertheless, some issues could be solved only through authorized service centers.

Troubleshooting RealMe 1 not charging issue

According to experts and authorized service center officials all over the world, there could be 4 main reasons that could result in a device not charging issue. In this article, I will guide you on how to find out the issue and then solve it.

  1. An issue with the charging cable or charger adapter
  2. An issue with the charging port on the device
  3. An issue with the OS or internal software

If it’s an issue with the charging cable or charger adapter
charging cable issue and solution to solve it

  • Step 1: Pick up your RealMe 1 Smartphone and then, plug it into your personal computer or a laptop.
  • Step 2: Now, check if the personal computer detects the Smartphone or if the Smartphone detects the personal computer/laptop.

If you find the personal computer not detecting the Smartphone or the Smartphone not detecting the computer, then, you could conclude that the charging cable is no longer suitable for any use. You should now consider purchasing a brand new charging cable.

With this being told, suppose if the device detects the computer or if the computer detects the Smartphone, then, you could conclude that the charging cables are working fine.

1. Issue with the charger adapter and solution to solve it

As mentioned above, you could try plugging in the device to a personal computer or laptop through a charging cable or USB cable. If the personal computer or the laptop detects the device then the charging cable is good for using. However, with charging cable function properly, the issue could be with the charger adapter. Get yourselves a brand new charging adapter to solve the issue.

2. If it’s an issue with the charging port on the device

Following the two steps mentioned above could help you conclude on what part could be a malfunction. However, if you find both the parts working perfectly, then, the issue could be with the charging port incorporated on the device. A charging port is a part of the RealMe 1 device to which the charging cable is plugged in. To find out, if it is a charging port issue or not, here are the steps to follow.

  • Step 1: Pick up your RealMe 1 device and the charging cable. Now connect the charging cable into the device and plug it into the power supply socket.
  • Step 3: Now, check if the device detects the charger, if no, try holding the device at different angles.

If suppose, If you notice the device detecting the charger at any angles. Make sure that you visit the nearest authorized Oppo service center and then ask for a charging port replacement.

3. If it’s an issue with the OS or internal software

If you tried all the above-mentioned steps and still could not solve the issue, then the problem could be with your OS or the internal software on your device. To solve this issue, any of the below-mentioned processes could be followed.

  • Some devices could come with faulty batteries or OS software; try installing a battery saver app from the Google Play Store and check if the charging happens.
  • There are mainly two ways to solve the software issues on a device. One could be by updating the product OS version, which is a very simple process. All you have to do is navigate to the “settings” option and then click the “About” option, and eventually select the “System update” option. If there is an update available, the option will download and install the update. However, it will prompt for permissions for the downloading and be installing the updates.
  • Sometimes OS updates come with few errors or bugs that could result in the device not charging issue. This issue could be solved simply by resetting the device to factory settings. All you have to do is power off the device and then press the volume up button+ power button. The device would then prompt you to select a function to perform, select the option “Wipe all data” and then continue.
  • If all the solutions mentioned above failed, try doing a flash international ROM or custom ROM.

If all the above-mentioned all troubleshooting could not help you, then take your device to the nearest Oppo authorized service center and submit the device for a replacement or repair. Within a matter of few days or hours, the product would be restored to a perfect condition.