Why Is WhatsApp Not Working On My iPhone? How to Fix!

There are different users complaining about WhatsApp which closes itself automatically when it is in use. There may be different situations when WhatsApp crashes when starting up on iPhone after updating iOS 7, 8, 9, 10. Users are trying out different methods when WhatsApp not working or when they have installed corrupt application or when their WhatsApp is crashed. Here are some of the best ways to fix WhatsApp crash problem and resolve connection problem or when WhatsApp not working.

WhatsApp Crashes on iPhone! How to Fix?

WhatsApp Not Working On My iPhone

WhatsApp users tried different ways to fix WhatsApp crashes on their iPhone device. Your WhatsApp might face several bugs. It can be spread over different causes. If you are having trouble in connecting to your WhatsApp, be sure to turn your device off and on after a couple of minutes. Do the same with airplane mode and Wi-Fi on your device. If your WhatsApp is still not connecting to iPhone, here are the solutions to fix the issue.

Simply turn auto-backup off as iCloud can be the biggest trouble. Even if everything is fine, some problems might crash the application. So, it’s best to turn off auto backup and fix the problem.

To disable iCloud, head to Settings, iCloud and turn off backup to iCloud Drive. It may fix your WhatsApp.

Reinstall WhatsApp

Simply reinstall the WhatsApp as it is easiest to recover WhatsApp when it is crashed on smartphones. We understand it will remove chat history. So, it is important to backup your conversations.

Update your WhatsApp

Simply check if WhatsApp update is available as it may crash because of the bug in your device. If WhatsApp is still not connecting to iPhone, restart and free up storage on your iPhone.

Adjust Facebook

WhatsApp may also crash when Facebook app is recently installed and contact sync is enabled between address book and Facebook app. You just need to go to Settings > Enter your email and password > Turn off contact sync, to resolve it.

Restore WhatsApp from iTunes

Your WhatsApp may also be crashed because of iTunes. All you need to head to App Store and check for updates on purchased apps.

Fix the Error “Can’t Connect to WhatsApp”

If you are unable to connect to WhatsApp, there must be several reasons. You don’t need an active connection. If you are still having the same error message “WhatsApp not working on iPhone” simply go to Wi-Fi, toggle it on and off, and remove the device from airplane mode. Later on, restart your device.

Don’t restrict background data usage in Data Usage section in WhatsApp and find out whether APN setting is configured well. Be sure to check the updates. Go to the App Store and install latest WhatsApp version. Be sure to backup the past conversion before you reinstall the app.

Fix the Error “Can’t Send or Receive Messages”

If your WhatsApp is unable to send or receive messages, you just have to go through the following steps and be sure it’s working well. You need to check the latest iOS version and go through the carrier setting update. You need a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data to send a message. Be sure to confirm it with your network and SMS is supported by your device. If you are sending group MMS, and be sure it is turned on.

Steps to Fix it

  • Reset your Device – Simply press and hold the button and reset the device.
  • Toggle iMessage – You just have to send messages, receive texts and turn iMessage off and on.
  • Check iMessage Status – If you are having trouble with iMessage, you cannot send texts. In that case, you just have to wait until it starts working well again.