Why Is Outlook Not Working On IPhone/IPad? Check Possible Fix!

Have you just upgraded to iOS 11 and Outlook stopped working? You are not alone. Actually, the problem is in iOS 11. Apple has promised to fix this problem soon and is working on it.

It has been just a few months since the launch of iOS 11. Only a few users have installed it on their iPad or iPhone to get introduced to its new features. Just like iOS 10 update last time, many users have faced the same problems after switching to iOS 11. Here, we will mainly discuss the issues in the Outlook app and gather some helpful tips to fix email issues in Apple devices.

outlook in iphone

Why iOS Conflicts with Outlook?

When you send emails with PDFs to the Outlook of someone in your company in Exchange Server, they usually show up on Outlook Web instead their iPhone. There are different roots behind this problem –

  • If they were using POP-based server rather than Exchange or IMAP to open emails, the messages might have been downloaded and received before reaching the iPhone.
  • ActiveSync policies might be restricting the attachments to be used and their overall sizes.
  • Update settings might be set to automatic rather than manual or every few minutes.

Problem 1 – Mail App is Unable to Access New Emails and Giving “Incorrect Password” Error

If you have upgraded to iOS 11, you may not get new emails from others. It seems incoming emails are blocked. It also gives “incorrect password” error when it comes to access the account. To fix this error, first remove your email account and add again. To get it done

  • Go to Settings and Choose Mails.
  • Select Accounts and choose a conflicting account. Scroll down and choose “Sign Out”
  • Go to Accounts list back and tap “Add Account” to add a new account.

Problem 2 – Find a Blank Screen when You Open Mail App

In case you have apostrophe in email address, there are chances that you may see a blank screen when you access the app. You may want to wait for Apple to resolve it automatically. Or you can try these methods –

  • Remove the conflicting account and add a new email account.
  • Delete some older emails to save up some space. To get it done, go to your email account and remove the messages which are not important or over 6MB or any messages of “Mail delivery failure”. Also remove and add account on iPad or iPhone.
  • Now you need to restart your device. Simply press and hold the on/off button down and Home button until it restarts with Apple logo. If you have iPhone 7, simply press Home and on/off buttons alike.
  • You may also want to restore your device. To do this, connect your Apple device to your PC and start iTunes. First of all, backup your device and restore from backup. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you may perform a restore to try.

Our Verdict

Hard resetting the device may be the last resort in most cases. You may toggle the Mail slider in iOS settings and restart the phone and slide it back. You should also test your phone network. There must be some delay in message on 4G LTE connections.

In that case, there is no magic solution which works in all the cases. So, you need to keep tab on all email servers to find problems to stay ahead of these issues. However, both Apple and Microsoft are working together to fix this problem and may come up with a solution soon in the next update.