Why My Instagram is Crashing & Won’t Open? Here’s The Fix!

Is your Instagram app crashed or won’t open? Is Instagram down? Is Instagram crashing constantly? You are not alone who have these problems. App works smoothly most of the time but it may crash or freeze sometimes. Even Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter have the same issues. Here, we will offer some of the quick fixes to resolve these issues –

Methods to Fix Instagram Crashing or Won’t Open

Instagram is Crashing & Wont Open

Sign Out and In Again

Sometimes Instagram doesn’t get proper connection to the server or faces various issues. You could simply log out of your account and login again with the credentials. It may feel simple but it can resolve many issues easily.

Check Your Connection

Be sure your mobile internet connection is working well and ensure that you have strong signal. If your network is weak, it might cause connection issues. If app is not responding, turn mobile data off and on. See if it works or proceed to next step.

Switch Airplane Mode on and off

This trick seems simple but works in different cases like message sending failed, internet connection and others. Simply turn Airplane mode off for a few seconds on device settings and turn back on.

Restart your device

This method may not work but you must try it. It fixes some errors in few cases. Turn off your phone for 10 seconds and turn it back on. Open your Instagram and see if it works. It is a kind of soft reset to fix minor bugs.

Update Your Instagram

Is your Instagram app up to date? Is your device’s OS up to date? Always check if you can get a latest version of the app if you face some issues in some apps. Outdated apps mostly have performance bugs. Be sure to keep Instagram app up-to-date and check if updates are issued.

For doing it, simply open your app or visit App store and check for updates. If Instagram app is showing up update, install it.

In Android

  • Go to Google Play store. Choose “My Apps” on the menu button on right side of screen.
  • It might show up manual updates. Find Instagram app and see if it has new Instagram version to update.
  • Tap on Updates if available and install.
  • After updating the app, open it to see if the problem is resolved.

In iOS

  • Go to iTunes App store and select Updates icon at the bottom of screen.
  • See if Instagram app showing up the updates
  • Tap the button next to the app and install it. See if problems are fixed in Instagram app.

Clear Cache

If Instagram showing blank screen, freezing, photos not loading, and causing other issues, clearing cache works sometimes. App cache is actually an App data which saved preference settings and login details of the app. These caches sometimes conflict with the existing app settings or files stored in Instagram folder. Clear out the data or cache to remove these data and reset the app to default settings.

Clear Cache on Android

  • Go to Settings menu, Apps and find Instagram app to clear cache
  • Tap on Instagram and Clear Cache button to clear app data and cache

On iOS

  • Head to Settings > Safari. Move to the bottom of page and select Clear History and Web Data. You may not find an option to delete cache in Settings app for many apps. If it is not showing app, you may do it directly through app.

If you have access to Cydia, you can easily remove the app cache without using third-party applications. Simply go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage.  Tap on “Clear App Cache” button on Instagram app.