Why My Tinder Not Working? Here’s The Fix!

Is Tinder not working or down? Do you have login problems? You may have got issues in sending messages or seeing new people after updating Tinder? If you have one of these issues or problems, we have got a few solutions which may fix the problem.

If you are having these problems, you are not alone. Many people are facing Tinder down after new update. These problems started last night with Tinder as users who upgraded or downloaded the app to get new Facebook and Instagram integration experienced major problems in this app and it even started crashing. Though Tinder shared a fix on Twitter lately, many users found that it is still not working and problems haven’t resolved till date.

Why My Tinder Not Working

Are you having problems in seeing new profile, logging in, and sending messages? Here’s how to fix unresponsive Tinder!

In that case, you have two solutions to deal with current problem with Tinder. Here’s what you can do to get through it.

1. Follow Official Advice by Tinder

On the official Twitter account, Tinder has briefly advised the users to remove and reinstall the app –

  • “If you are unable to see new people, we hope removing and reinstalling the app will fix the issue. Don’t worry; it won’t remove any of your messages or matches.”
  • “The problem is fixed! Download the latest version. If you are unable to login, close the app and try again.”

Along with it, be sure to shut down your phone completely and start it again after installing it. Sometimes, a quick restart works and get things to work well after reinstalling the app.

Sadly, this solution is not that good as many people out there who have reported certain issues while using Tinder. This reinstall often fixes work only for one session. Then, the app is broken when you get back to the new session. People have reported that they reinstalled Tinder several times to get it break at the end of session. Sometimes, users can’t even use it, though they can still get notifications for Tinder.

2. Use any other Dating Service or App when it is Down

Your love can’t wait any longer. If your swiping is affected from Tinder attack, you must try one of these Tinder alternatives and dating apps. We have checked these out and they will surely resolve your Tinder problems.

  • OKCupid – OKCupid is a well-known online dating site which has launched the official app OKCupid at Google Play and Apple app store. It is fun, free and user-friendly for many singles out there.
  • The Grade – Available on Google Play and App Store, The Grade is a female-friendly dating app which commits to form a community of responsive, desirable, and fluent singles by removing failing users.
  • How About We – In this app, users need to describe their best date, so other users can rate their interest with this idea. It is free app but it has subscription for accessing bonus features. It is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Her (Dattch) – This app is designed specifically for bisexual, lesbian, and queer women who love to befriend or date other women. According to the creators, “Gay people had apps, while straight guys have Earth. We are dedicated to give lesbians their own space.” It is available for Apple devices only. Sign up to be the first to know when it is available for Android.
  • Grindr – On Grindr website, you may decide which device you want to download this app for, i.e. queer, gay, and bisexual men who want to hook up or date with other men.