How to Write/Add a Signature in MS Word Document?

You may need signature in many documents like medical forms, lease, and almost anything official. Rather than scanning a signature and uploading a picture, or printing a document and signing manually and scanning and emailing it or faxing it, you can easily save time adding your own signature in a Word Document.

Using Signature Line

First of all, open the MS Word Document. Double-click the Word document to add digital signature. In order to start new document, launch MS Word and click File and New Document. Now click “Insert” tab at the top of window. In the toolbar, click “Signature Line” in the top right in Text section in Insert ribbon.

Signature in MS Word

Click MS Office Signature Line

First of all, save the document. And open Microsoft Office Signature Line. Add signature details by giving information you want to show up below the signature in a dialog box named Signature Setup. Include the details like name, title, email, and other items you want to leave for signer.

You may also

  • Allow the signer to add comment if you want to allow contents from the signer of the document.
  • Check Show sign date if you want to add date of the signature to be shown automatically.
  • Right click on the signature line and choose “Sign”
  • Type in your name in the box with X. If you have image of the signature, click “Select Image” and choose the file which has the image of the signature.
  • Click Sign. It will show up the “Signature” badge at the bottom of the document and indicate that the document is signed.

Using Scribble Feature

The cursor changes its look to appear as a pen when using Scribble feature in word and you can draft your own signature on the page and create an object that you can move anywhere you like.

  • To start, click “Insert” tab.
  • Click “Shapes” icon on Insert ribbon in Illustrations group.
  • Now click “Scribble” button on the Shapes drop down menu under Lines section. It shows up a curlicue scribble. A “Scribble” label shows up if you hover over the cursor on it.
  • Click on the page to write your signature. Hold the mouse button down and move the cursor to draw signature.

Keep in mind that the scribble turns unchangeable once you release the mouse. So, don’t release the button until you are done. To write signature in several parts, add a new scribble for each.

Adding Signature on Mac

  • Open the MS Word document. Click File and Save As.
  • In the drop-down box “File Format”, select PDF and click Save.
  • Open Finder and go to “PDF” file saved by you. You may get Finder in white and blue face-shaped icon located at the bottom left of dock.
  • Right click the PDF and choose Open With and click “Preview”. In Mac Preview app, it opens the PDF.
  • Click the toolbox on the left of Search bar.
  • Click the Signature icon on the right of “T” icon.
  • Click “Trackpad or Camera”. If you have trackpad on a laptop or a PC with an external drawing tablet or trackpad, click Trackpad. Or select camera if you have webcam.
  • If your digital signature is saved already, click “Create Signature first”.
  • On trackpad, write your signature with a finger after selecting “Click here to begin”. Press any key and click “Done”.
  • On camera, first write your signature on a plain paper, and hold it up. Align the signature over the line and select “Done”.
  • Now drag the signature where you want to place it and click File and Save.