Why is My Xiaomi Mi A1 Not Charging? Here to fix it!

Has your Xiaomi Mi A1 suddenly stopped charging and not getting past a specific battery percent? Here’s how to fix charging problems on you Mi A1 or other Mi phones.

Xiaomi Mi A1 is literally one of the best-selling phones from Chinese giant. It has got great battery life and it is more capable than other devices. You may easily fix these issues if you are having charging problem.

Simply put, your Xiaomi device might not be charging properly with the factory-made data cable due to various issues. Don’t worry, you may try other cable. In case your charging problem is not fixed, you may try and change the adapter. If there is still the problem, the problem is more serious than just replacing the charging cable or adapter.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Not Charging

Troubleshooting Steps

There are different methods you need to consider trying in order to fix the Xiaomi Mi A1 which won’t charge and other Mi devices.

Reset Your Device to Factory Settings

You can easily fix most of the charging problems in your Xiaomi device by resetting it to factory settings.  It can reset all the apps that are installed causing charging problems and consuming a lot of battery life. To perform factory reset in your Redmi device, simply turn off the device and hold Volume Up + Power keys in Mi recovery. Choose Wipe & Reset > Wipe All Data from main menu.

Install Battery Savers

In many cases, your device may charge slowly or stop charging due to many reasons. It doesn’t mean there is a problem in your device or adapter has issues. You may want to install Battery Saving apps to settle down the problems.

Install Latest MIUI ROM with MI PC Suite

Mi PC Suite is the official desktop client for your Mi Device which allows you to access contacts, backups, manage photos and videos etc. Along with it, you can also install the most upgraded version of MIUI software. All you need to boot your device in Fastboot and connect the device via USB to your PC. You can fix the bug with most recent version of interface.  It is most likely to fix the charging issues on your device.

Flash Chinese ROM/Custom ROM/International ROM

There are chances that battery saving apps and factory reset doesn’t work all the time. So, you might want to flash International MIUI ROM or Custom ROM on your device to fix the problems in battery charging.

Bring Your Device to your Nearest Xiaomi Service Center

More often than not, there are chances that none of the above steps working. This way, be sure to take your device to the nearby Xiaomi service center. There are chances that your device’s motherboard having problems. They will definitely replace the motherboard of your device for free if warranty period is not over.

Other Fixes

  • If battery problem is because of MIUI update, you may want to downgrade your device or wait for the next update. When the developer’s team releases the update, charging or battery problems can be fixed easily by updating your device with MIUI updater.
  • Don’t use your device when it’s charging.
  • Turn off GPS when not in use
  • Don’t play high-end games on your device.

Actually, MIUI is very heavy because of its customization options and it needs a lot of resources and power. So, you have to maintain your battery and system permissions with security app pre-installed on your phone. Scan your device with antivirus program to fix any bug. We hope you’ve liked this post and it will help you fix the battery charging problems in your device.


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