Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in 2018

Modern laptops are loaded with powerful processors, lightning fast memory, and massive storage capacity. Portable and compact design is the USP of a laptop which allows us to work anytime and anywhere.

Laptops also consume significantly less amount of power in comparison to desktops and are able to be operated on battery in case of power outage.

Which Laptop Brand is Best?

With so many laptops out there for education, gaming, business and daily use, it is very difficult to pick the best brand. To make your choice easier, listed here are the top 10 best laptop brands ranked as per their popularity, performance, build quality, specifications, and several other factors.

1. Apple


Apple is the name in itself. Be it smartphone, tablet or laptop, Apple is the name of trust, faith, reliability, durability, and performance. Founded by Steve Jobs, Apple has carved a unique niche in manufacturing high performance and ultra-portable MacBooks. You may choose from widest range of laptops like MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.

If you are behind the perfect combination of uncompromising performance, portability, and battery life, there is no match with Apple laptops. However, you may want to break your bank to afford a MacBook for you and it may not have many ports for you. But it is really worth the cost because of its reliability and performance.

2. Dell

Dell is one of the best and most trusted laptop brands worldwide for many reasons. Its widest range of laptops categorized for different purposes like business, gaming, daily use etc. are one of those reasons. You may find different kinds of laptops for different purposes under its inventory.

For portability and performance, XPS series is the best. If you are up for gaming laptops, Dell has dedicated range of Alien ware. Dell laptops are remarked for its stellar performance and after sales support. Dell also has a suited laptop for daily use.


The Editor’s Choice award winner, ASUS is a reputed brand for its high performance and affordable laptops, especially in ZenBook series. It is obviously the first laptop brand which brought the trend of slim design in budget laptops.

This brand also has premium range laptops for the connoisseurs of luxury. It has completely different range of premium laptops which provide sleeker and portable designs. The devices also pack great battery backup, as per the people using different ASUS laptops.

4. HP

Hewlett Packard is another best laptop brand you can count on. HP also has huge variety of laptops like Dell. Starting from Dual-core laptops for daily use, HP also has high-end laptops for heavy use, especially one of the thinnest laptops in the world.

You can get great build quality and after-sales support even in low-end devices. By investing in HP laptops, you can definitely get value for money. These laptops are designed for everyone. These are also the best choice for college goers like ASUS.

5. Lenovo

If you dream of both style and performance in one laptop, Lenovo is your best bet. Thanks to Lenovo, we can find a huge range of stunning laptops with superior build quality, best performance, and affordability. When most users prefer Lenovo for the best after-sales support and longevity, you may find certain devices with performance friendly hardware. If you really don’t want to show off as a professional but would work with great performance, Lenovo is the best brand to go with.

6. Acer

Acer has been the market leader in terms of computer devices for an extended time period. Acer was the icon behind premium devices. But Acer still makes some of the best laptops. It also has widest range of laptops targeted to different types of customers. On the other side, Acer devices provide great performance and are portable. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles from premium brands but it is okay with sleek design and standard specs.

7. Microsoft

Microsoft has also made its presence in consumer level laptops. It has been successful in introducing a competitor to Apple and various premium device manufacturers. Just like Apple laptops run on Mac OS, Microsoft laptops run on Windows 10. It brings the best blend of smooth Windows experience and performance. Most of these devices are hybrid. So, they are standalone and useful along with fully-fledged systems.

8. Samsung

Like Microsoft, Samsung is also lagging behind for being an active player in laptops. But there were still a few laptops still known to provide high-end features and performance. However, we have been witnessing some of the best picks, such as the ones in Chromebook range.

But the best thing about Samsung is that you won’t get disappointed because of its huge number of laptops in affordable range. You can rest assured with quite a few things when you buy a Samsung laptops. Build quality is something you will find in all Samsung products. Most of the Samsung laptops grabbed their value because of quality build instead of features. Samsung laptops are supposed to be the best for build quality.

9. Razer

It is one of the least famous laptop brands but in terms of gaming, it is still the leader. If you are a hardcore gamer, Razer should top the list. It is dedicated to intense and dedicated gaming. But you need to pay a staggering amount in order to afford a Razer laptop. But its performance is actually worth the money. It has done a lot of tests in gaming tech. Razer is more in setting trend on gaming.

10. MSI

MSI is another most uncommon but gamers’ friendly brand. If you are going to buy a laptop which has great hardware specs and gaming-friendly quality, MSI makes great sense. Almost all of the laptops from MSI are loaded with high-end hardware, be it RAM, CPU, or anything else. It has been the leading player for a long time period in the industry. The devices from MSI have earned a huge accolade in the last decade, especially by considering the need of gaming-friendly laptops.