Top 10 Best Phone Case Brands In 2018

Are you in search for the best cell phone cases? These brands may be the best choice for you. If you have bought a classy smartphone, you may definitely want to protect it with proper casing to ensure durability of the handset. We have listed some of the top cell phone case brands which promise to ensure proper protection of your device against rain, dust, hear, sweat, drops and fall.

Here are some of the best phone case brands that are best suited to carry your smartphone properly –

10. Cygnett Cases

Cygnett Cases

Cases from this brand come with excellent shock absorption performance, especially around the edges of the device. It also has anti-slip stability pads along with textured panels so you can get the most of your device in your hand. The cases are very simple to install as the device slides in and out very smoothly.

The case is built for heavy use and is best choice for outdoor use. It has got cutting-edge dual layer protection with inbuilt shock absorption layer as well as impact resistant, screen protection bumper. These cases are made especially for iPhone and bushed with aluminum detailed wraps which ensure complete protection without increasing its weight.

9. Hard Candy Cases

These cases are crafted well with 3-layer protection and are lightweight. It features in-built screen protector to keep your screen secured and safe. These cases have rip-proof port and non-slip grip texture. The Hard Candy cases have simple addition to provide amazing features while offering complete protection to your device. The cases include smooth access to all the ports, openings and speaker. The company ensures unmatched customer support as well as 2 years of warranty.

8. iSkin Cases

iSkin ranks one of the best phone case brands for offering best protection at best prices. The case is also being used as accessory. You need to look for quality and genuine cases to ensure valuable cutouts for the camera, controls, and other ports so there is no need to remove the case when it comes to use them.

The camera opening literally works well and you can easily plug in the cables. In addition, iSkin Cases deliver basic security with less impact on the looks. Some of these cards have got in-built card pockets to store IDs as well as credit cards conveniently.

7. Element Cases

Element Cases are made of premium materials and one of the best phone case brands out there. These cases are known to deliver Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) body which is highly impact resistant which fits just in the palm of your hand. The soft fabric interiors are made to avoid tears and scratches and the hard cover ensures great protection. These cases provide a lot of swanky models and color options. These are very affordable cases and are really worth the investment.

6. Gumdrop Cases

These are the first line of defense for a device. It has very appealing features and looks. It is known to get smooth finish and defined corners to ensure protection against bumps, shocks, and scratches. The raised lip secures the screen against shattering. The cases are the best for adventure lovers. It provides multilayered protection to make it one of the most durable and solid in the market. The Black Smoke Gumdrop Case also complies with the security guidelines outlined in the MILSTD- 810 by the US Department of Defense. Its internal frame secures against drops and shocks while hard exterior deals with vibration to keep your device secure and safe.

5. Belkin Cases

Belkin’s cases are one of the bestselling cell phone cases and are known for super grippy texture. These are slim-fit high performance phone cases which have got both looks and superior features. These cases have got all bells and whistles as they are made of breathable stretchy neoprene material. Hence, your phone won’t sweat even in hot climate. It is designed to provide full access to home button and headphone. It is very simple to operate the plug and other ports.

4. Extreme Cases

These cases are known to have streamlined and sleek protection to help your device to survive the impacts, drops, and bustle of your stressful day. Instead making hypes, the company lives up to its name. These cases are made with Silicone Shock Absorbing Technology with Air Cushioned technology integrated in its corner.

The cases ensure ultimate shock protection to the device. It is worth to keep in mind that these cases have very unique designs that cover raised lips to ensure protection on the bottom and prevent cracks. One can easily access all the ports of device smoothly while avoiding the harm.

3. Ballistic Cases

These cases are quite thicker than various other cases. It is thicker because of its four different layers of protection provided by it. These cases are durable, hard and have strong outer layers which have soft shock absorbent layer as well as clip-on attachment to protect your device when you are performing the busy activities. It makes your device almost indestructible or water resistant. It is easy to grip and tested for up to 6 feet high impact protection. You can rest assured with the accessibility of your device features. It has precise cut outs to make ports easy to access.

2. Otterbox Cases

It is one of the best phone case brands in the US. It has rigid 2-layer built to protect your phone from bumps and drops. The openings are designed to prevent dust from entering inputs and jacks. Hence, it keeps your device clean. You can find wide range of cases from the company but iPhone cases are one of the best. These cases have three parts – thick clip, poly carbonate outer casing, and silicone cushioning within.

These cases are very light and have self-adhesive screen protector to prevent scratches. These cases are 100% genuine and come with 1 year of warranty.

1. Case-Mate Cases

These cases meet strict standards for being the tough cases which are made to resist sand, rain, shock, spills, vibrations, wind and other harmful elements. It has cushioning and soft silicone interior as well as rugged poly carbonate exterior. Some of these cases even have a holster clip and retractable screen. Around 67% of iPhone devices suffer cracked screens every year. These cases provide 2.5 times more impact resistance than various brands out there.