How Does a Mosquito Racket Work?

Mosquitoes are obnoxious, and they carry and spread harmful diseases to humans. The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to use a mosquito racket. The mosquito bats are eco-friendly because they do not produce any toxic chemicals.

 The repellents and liquids can only help you to repel the mosquitoes. If the chemical produced by these liquids vanish from the air, then the mosquitoes can return. The mosquito rackets are much better than other repellents because they destroy the mosquitoes. This way, the mosquitoes cannot lay eggs and cannot produce thousands of mosquitoes again. In this article, you can know more about the mechanism of mosquito rackets.

Mosquito Racket

The basic mechanism of a mosquito racket 

A good mosquito racket looks similar to a tennis racket. This racket has to be swung if you see any mosquitoes flying near you. The electricity or shock generated by the racket is very high for a mosquito. Immediately after striking, the mosquito sparks and dies due to the extreme shock. The main advantage of using these rackets is their portability.

The mosquito rackets are completely safe for humans. The inside grid of the racket traps the mosquitoes and kills it with shock waves. The outer mesh of the racket contains huge holes for the mosquitoes to enter the inner grid. To remove the insect residue, you can shake the racket. Do not insert your finger or metal objects into the mesh as it can cause short circuits.

The important parts in an electric mosquito rackets 

  1. The converters 

The AC to DC converts in electric mosquito rackets provide the Diode Bridge waves. The converters also have capacitors and help in charging the batteries. If you buy a bat with non-rechargeable batteries, then there are no AC or DC converters available.

  1. The Oscillator

The mosquito rackets are designed with the electricity “On” and “Off technology”. To strike the mosquito, you need to keep on pressing the “On” the switch. This drop and rise in voltage in an electric racket is possible through the Oscillator. The oscillator helps to transform and create a rapidly rising and falling voltage in the bat.

  1. The transformers 

The transformers in the electric racket work very efficiently by controlling both the rising and dropping voltages. The mosquito racket uses AC voltage to generate the shock.

  1. The metallic mesh 

There are three metallic meshes and the middle one flow with positive energy. The other two-layers are negative and do not generate any electricity. The electric gird of the racket attracts mosquito and bursts them.

The benefits of mosquito rackets 

  • The battery of the mosquito racket is very durable. If you charge the racket properly, then you can prolong the life of the mosquito racket.
  • The electric mesh in the bat effectively kills the mosquito. The bat doesn’t produce any toxic chemicals to kill the mosquitoes.
  • There are waterproof and shockproof mosquitoes bats available to enhance the convenience of use.
  • The chargeable batteries help to reduce the exchange of batteries or any other parts.


Mosquito bats are easily available in the market. By considering its use and benefits, you can purchase an electric mosquito racket to kill the disease-spreading mosquitoes.