How To Choose a Good Framing Nailer

There are mainly two types of nailers available in the market such as pneumatic nailer and cordless nailer. The pneumatic nailer works on air compressor. When the air compressor is attached to the nailer, it works on the mechanism of air compressor. The air compressor uses a piston and uses it while driving the nails into the wooden wall. The cordless nailer also uses a disposable compressed air canister, which can be placed in the nailer and also supports the battery.  While choosing a framing nailer, you need to have strong and heavy-duty framing nailer for a larger project or a medium-sized nailer for a smaller project.

Before you decide to buy a good framing nailer, make sure that you have studied the features and also you are sure about your requirements. Follow the set of features given below in the buying guide for better understanding of the nailers. The use of nailer is mainly depends on the type of project you are going to handle. So make sure that you know the product well before you spent money on it.

Cordless / Corded Nailers:While using cordless or corded nailers, you have to be careful while the electric current passes through the nailer and magnetic field allows the a pin to fire. Cordless nailer has advantage because you can work anywhere. But advantage with corded nailer is that it doesn’t have to worry or wait till batteries get re-charged. Having a cordless nailer with long lasting batteries is also an advantage.

Check for Nail Sizes: The size of the nail is very important while using cordless or corded nailer. The nails should be of size which supports the nailer. The nails should fit into the nailer before it is fired into the wood. So make sure that you have right sized nails which fit the nailer well. Always buy the nails which fits accurately in your nailer.

Adjust Nailer Depth: The nailer depth should be adjusted while pushing the nail into the hard surface. The adjustment of the nailer depth depends on the type of nailer and the required options for adjustments.

Reliable Nailers: The nailers when used for a project, it is mandatory to work according to the working conditions. Are you working on site or off site matters while working on the project? Onsite work is generally close to the power points and air compressors and you have to work carefully. The nailers should support and are reliable to use.

Rubber Nose:  Make use of long marring rubber nose along with nailer for better quality of work and nicely finishing effect. The rubber nose with longer tip prevents the gun nozzle from marring the soft wood. Make sure that your nailer should have a long marring nose made of strong rubber and fits it well to the nailer.

  In addition the nailers light in weight and easy to hold in hands. The nailers are designed carefully and offer complete safety while using it.