How To Increase The Range of Existing WiFi Router

People with WiFi router often face some speed related issue, and in most cases, users won’t get the right speed as it should be. Indeed, you can’t go up to the set limit by your ISP, but yeah, if you are not getting the proper speed of your chosen internet plan, then you can try some ways to enhance it.

Yeah, you got it right, there are a few yet effective ways to increase the range of existing WiFi router, and of course, it would help you get maximum internet speed. Below, you’ll find some ways that will let you know how to increase the range of existing WiFi router, so let’s begin.

WiFi Router

Place It On Right Spot

Undoubtedly, by placing a WiFi router at the right spot in your house, you can see a considerable change in the range and overall speed. It is the most effective and easy thing that you can do with your wireless router since the walls, doors, and other interior things block the WiFi signal; that’s why it is very effective. You can probably achieve the right range and internet speed by placing the WiFi router in the middle of your house.

Try Changing The Frequency

As you know, WiFi routers come with two different bands or frequencies, and if you are not getting enough range and internet speed, then this could be possible that your router is set on a lower frequency. At the router control panel, you can easily find the frequency tab; from there, you can easily change the base frequency to the maximum one. If you notice that your router is set on 2.5 GHz frequency, but it is the dual-band router, then congrats, you just have to switch it to 5.0 GHz, and that’s it.

Limit The Users

Sometimes, the speed and range of the WiFi router start decreasing with the number of users. If you haven’t set a security password for your WiFi connection, then it might be possible that there are multiple users are connected with your WiFi. You can get a confirmation of this thing by logging into your WiFi router control panel; from there, you can check how many users are connected. Not only this, but you can kick off all the intruders, other users to improve the speed of your WiFi router.

Replace Antenna

If your WiFi router is not producing enough connectivity range, then it might be possible that there is any problem with the antennas. Either you can try switching to multiple antennas of the WiFi router, or you can replace new antennas as well. By doing this, you can possibly solve the less range of WiFi router issues.

Upgrade To Mesh WiFi System For Better Transmission

And if you want to extend the range of your WiFi router with considerable numbers, then surely you need something really effective. Undoubtedly the mesh WiFi system is a much better and modern solution to enhance the range of your internet connection. But keep in mind that if you want to do this for better WiFi signal transmission, then you have to spend a good amount on mesh WiFi systems.