The Best Weed Killer for Your Lawn and Garden

There are different types of weed killers available in the market. They vary in specifications usage and a lot of other things. In such a case, what do you think would be the best weed killer for your lawn and garden? Well, as a matter of fact, you would not be able to buy just any weed killer as it may not serve the purpose or it may kill the other plants as well. To help you with the selection, we are going to talk about some of the factors that you must consider while you are going to purchasing the weed killers. Refer to the list below and you will get an idea

Factors to Consider while Choosing Weed Killer

You may consider this as a short buying guide because the main aim of mentioning these points is to help you in purchasing the best available weed killer in the market for your lawn and your garden.

  • Coverage of Weed Killer – The first factor that you must consider is the coverage offered by the weed killer. This will help you in determining the type of weed killer you need. Before you consider this factor, you must understand how much coverage is needed. This way, you will be able to map up your requirements with the weed killer. You may come across two types of weed killers. One of them might be highly concentrated while other one might be a diluted form. If you are choosing a concentrated form then you would need less quantity while if you are using a diluted form then you will need to use the weed killer in greater quantities. The concentrated ones work great and they are also cheaper to purchase
  • Selectivity Factor – The second factor is selectivity. Under this, you basically choose what type of plants with the weed killer kill. It is important for beginners to consider. The unselective ones will kill everything that comes in the way. Be it grass, vegetation, weed or trees. The unselective ones will kill everything. The selective ones are slightly expensive but they are worth the price. It will certainly help you in removing weed effectively and easily.
  • Residual Effect – The last thing to consider is the residual effect. This will help you in understanding how long the weed killer will have an effect. There are ones which will work once and will have no residual effect after a couple of days and then there are ones which may lead to toxic soil. Those ones can be harmful and it is always better to stay away from toxic weed killers which can lead to many issues.

These are the factors that you can consider while purchasing the weed killers and we assure you that this will help you in ensuring that you are buying the suitable option for your garden. For more details, always refer to the instruction guide on the packing as this will help you in using the herbicide in the correct way.