The Best Wood Lathe in Market

A Wood Lathe is a machine to design a wood into the desired shape. Wooden bangles, Bowls, Spoons, Chess box, Chair, Wooden clocks, Wooden containers, Wooden dolls, fancy showcase pieces, and many more items can be produced from the wood lathe. Let us see the best Wood Lathe available in the market.


Jet JWL -1221VS is a famous bench top model for the intermediate and expert wood tuners. The price is comparatively high compared to other wood lathes in the market due to its features. You can configure the spindle speed at fixed RPM i.e., 430,1230, 2670, and 3900 in discrete control. You may need a bed extension for turning longer than 21 inches. The machine covers a warranty period of 5 years.

Grizzly H8259

Grizzly H8259 is a low-cost wood lathe that is best for your money without compromising the quality. This will be a top-model for the beginner woodturners. This model provides ½ HP motor with 5 discrete speed levels i.e., 826, 1713, and 3337 RPM. It is light-weight, portable, and does not make any noise or vibration while using it. It covers a warranty of one year.

RIKON 70-100

If you are looking for a mid-range wood lathe, RIKON 70-100 must be your best choice. It consists of 1/2 HP motor and best swing over bed and tool rest. This model provides the best speed, and you can set 6-speed control levels i.e 430, 810, and 3900 RPM. You can customize the machine according to your needs by adding the multiple extensions and adjusting the height according to your preference. The price is comparatively lower than other wood lathes. RIKON provides 5 years of warranty service.

Delta 46-460

The speed settings come with 1HP motor and 3 ranges to select, 250 to 750 RPM, 600 to 1800 RPM, and 1350 to 4000 RPM. This model provides more range with high RPMs. Therefore, this model is a perfect choice for completing bulk stock. The Delta 46-460 does not have a digital readout but provides the best swing. The patented belt-tension system helps for quick speed changes and for long tool life. This machine is a great choice for people who seek a budgeted wood lathe with high-end options. This model covers a warranty period of 5 years.

Powermatic 1352001

Powermatic 1352001 is a commercial and full-sized wood lathe with digital readout for professional woodturners. It has 2 HP motor, 220 Volts, and comes with two ranges i.e. 50 to 1500 RPM and 125 to 3500 RPM. The speed can be adjusted with the variable speed controls. This model consists of a 20-inch swing, and that accommodates a huge variety of products. This machine has a well-designed headstock and built-in storage tailstock. This machine is heavy and cannot be portable. It has a warranty of 5 years.

Consider the features, specifications, cost, and warranty period of the wood lathe before buying one.