Things to Consider While Buying an Emergency Light

No matter what, it is always recommended to keep your emergency light handy in your office, home, car and travel pack. Emergency light comes handy in case of blackout when your inverter battery is down and when you are in an emergency situation when you are moving. We have listed a checklist to choose the top emergency lights in india.


You should choose emergency light which illuminates ample amount of light. Lumen output is a very important factor to keep in mind. It is the main thing to keep in mind the lighting power of emergency light. Higher lumens refer to brighter light. If power is cut, you surely need emergency light which is quite bright. Choose the best emergency light which helps you to look everything clearly in darkness.

Build Quality

Go with the emergency light which is stable in use for longer period. Ensure that the emergency light is durable enough to withstand heavy use. You might drop the light in case of emergency and it should remain in one place. If light is secluded with tempered impact-resistant glass and is made of anodized aluminum, it is considerably safe. If it is made of cheap plastic, it may damage or break. Emergency light should be waterproof. If you drop the light in water in case of emergency, it won’t turn on. So, it is always wise to look for waterproof emergency light.

Features and Design

You should look for the best emergency light which comes with low-battery indicator which can be very vital. Choose the emergency light with four indicators which are full battery, low battery, medium battery, and extremely low battery. You will never know how longer your light can be turned on without indicator. You can also choose emergency lights which turn on automatically when light turns out.

Locking Handle Light

Buy emergency light which comes with locking handle as you can hang it on the arm and lock over there as you may not want to drop it in case of emergency. This is all you need to do to get through what happened in the dark.

Power Sources/Battery Life

Be sure to look for emergency lights with right size of batteries which work for longer period in case of emergency. Emergency lights come with different power sources to charge up. You can also choose emergency lights with solar energy which simply need sun rays to charge up.