Tire Inflators or Air Compressors: What is the difference?

We often confuse ourselves with an air compressor and a tire inflator. Though both of them have certain similarities, their functionality and usage are pretty different from one another. At the same time, the differences are technically featured and have many benefits as such. Each of the tools can be used for specific purposes while Air compressor is much versatile than the tire inflator.

Let us see the difference one by one.

Firstly, it must be understood that a good tire inflator can only be used to inflate tires whereas the air compressor can be used for many other purposes as well. They can be used for

Tire Inflators or Air Compressors

  1. Filling air in tires and other required devices
  2. Brushing the nails too
  3. Powering the nail guns too

As you can see, against just one purpose of the tire inflator, the air compressor has multiple purposes too. Let us see other major differences.

Size: This is a major difference and it has its implications because of that. The air compressor is very big compared to tire inflators. They are majorly used in factories. The size matters a lot and this makes the air compressors not portable at all. While the tire inflator is small and convenient when it comes to portability.

Functionality: Though the basic functionality in certain areas remains the same, their operational areas have a certain difference. The air compressors work on AC and need a wall socket always. It requires high pressure and this can be powered only by electricity. At the same time, tire inflators are portable and can be found without any other automation tool. They can also function with a manual push on the pedal. At the same time, if there is any electrical tire inflator available, even then they do not consume as much as the air compressors used to.

Variety of uses: As we have already seen, the air compressors are used in huge garage and industry set up. It has various uses in these places. You can also identify any of the uses when you practically use them at your house too. The range of applications can never be limited. But a tire inflator only inflates the tires and can be used on a smaller scale. An air compressor cannot be carried in the car as we do in the case of tire inflator. An air compressor is a complete source of energy while the tire inflator is just an air filling device.

Of course, we use the names Air compressor and Tire inflator interchangeably but it has huge differences. A few small air compressors are used to inflate trailer tires too. In a way, the air compressor is fast in inflating the tires too. Comparatively, the tire inflator is small and takes a long time to inflate truck tires. The versatility that the air compressor has, is incomparable too.

The usage differentiates their purpose and it remains the fundamental difference between the two. The size factor plays a vital role in their usage too. Also, the power requirements make the device different from one another.