What is the Disadvantage of Laser Printers?

The laser printers can fulfil all the printing solutions of a business. They are efficient and effective printers that are highly preferred for office and home use. This appliance is less noisy and can offer a large number of prints. However, these printers have limitations in some areas of printing. Not every offices and business prefer laser printers.

Also, they are not high in quality than inkjet printers. In this article, you can know about the main disadvantages of laser printers.

Laser Printers

The functions of the laser printer 

The laser printers are well known for its laser printing technology. Through laser, they can easily convert electronic data into clear texts, numbers and pictures. The laser beam reflects in the inbuilt mirror and uses ink to produce visible marks on paper. In just than a minute, this printer can print many numbers of papers. The operation and function of this printer are considered as less noisy and smooth. The printer is used for printing pamphlets, brochures, magazines, books and documents. However, they are less popular than inkjet printers. Some of its disadvantages make this printer less preferable.

The demerits of owning laser printers

Fewer colour printing options: Laser printers have limited colour printing options. The printers such as Inkjet are colour printing oriented. Also, they come with different cartridges such as yellow, magenta, black and cyan. Further, separate tanks are available to refill these colours. Unfortunately, laser printers do not come with additional printing colours. Mostly, laser printers are capable only to print black and white colour texts. To some extent, they can print colour photographs but not like the Inkjet printer.

  1. Require Expensive papers 

 The laser printers are considered more economical, but they cannot offer high-quality prints in common paper. You cannot print in special paper with this printer but eve thing can only be printed in regular paper. This makes it hard for a business to fulfil the versatile printing needs. Some laser models require special laser papers for high-quality printing. This makes the laser printers difficult to use.

  1. They are not always affordable. 

Laser printers are not economical for smaller firms that require colour printing. Even if it offers varieties in printing, it does not match the performance of other quality printers available in the market. In the long run, purchasing a laser printer under 15K is considered as an expensive investment.

  1. Not suitable in compact places 

The laser printers should not be kept in compact places due to their toners. The toners used in the printer contain particles of plastic, chemicals and colourants. Also, this toner or powered material can be carried in the air. This can cause breathing problems and air pollution. So, do not place a laser printer in compact areas, but they can be kept on ventilated and a more open area.


Before buying any appliance, it is important to consider its benefits and limitation. This way, you can select a printer that best suits your requirement. Therefore, consider the above-mentioned disadvantages of a laser printer to choose a good printer.